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Healthy AIMS"


Camp Staff Training, Decatur, GA, June, 2010

The staff was clearly very engaged — which is my number one measure of success. I believe that our purpose to transfer the concepts of camp spirit and the impact of camp was accomplished. I thought you did a great job balancing fun with learning in a way that was accessible and relevant to our summer camp team. . .

Claire Miller, Assistant Director
Children and Youth Services, City of Decatur

. . .Thanks so much for trekking across the country to share some of your wisdom and energy and camp spirit with us. The involvement of your staff/former campers was truly a stroke of genius. I think that really helped bring home the idea that camp can impact children for a lifetime. Seeing those folks and hearing them rave about their experiences and their love for the kids and for camp was EXACTLY what we needed!!! That really got me thinking about my own experiences in camp too.


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