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Administrative Assistant Manager

Helen Oredeko has a strong administrative background. During the years of 2003 – 2007 Ms. Oredeko served in the position of LIT (Leader In Training)/Junior Counselor Leader for the American Lung Association of Georgia’s (ALAG) Pediatric Asthma Camp Program, Camp Breathe Easy. In this position, Ms. Oredeko was responsible for overseeing the scheduling, supervision, and professional development of teen counselors. Ms. Oredeko also served on the Camp Breathe Easy planning committee for several years where she played a critical role in determining the Camp’s important administrative and logistical matters such as the scheduling of Camp activities, hiring of Camp staff, and develop of new Camp protocol.

Ms. Oredeko currently works as the Administrative Assistant Manager for Healthy Aims for Little Ones (HALO) and Families where she oversees the services of administrative staff, trains, mentors, and assigns responsibility to staff. In this role she is also entrusted to make key logistical and executive decisions for the organization. Ms. Oredeko’s past work with the ALAG and present responsibilities with HALO for Families demonstrates her keen administrative and leadership proficiencies.


Ms. Oredeko has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Georgia State University. She is currently enrolled in an accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program at New Jersey City University.

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