"Healthy ACTIONS;
Healthy AIMS"


Healthy Aims for Little Ones and for their Families

At HALO for Families, we understand that children are one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. Therefore, we know in order to foster the overall physical health and socio-emotional well-being of our nation’s children, we must engage the entire family in healthy actions.

About HALOOur motto is healthy actions; healthy aims. We identify, develop, and promote healthy aims for little ones and their families. We design materials and resources that promote complete health and social development. Our materials are child-centered, yet family-focused as they are beneficial to the entire family unit. They are also developmentally and culturally appropriate.

We recognize the value of public health as we believe in the concept of helping those who are less fortunate achieve healthier lifestyles. We are interested in addressing all unique needs of children and families. However, we have extensive background in the following areas:

Our ultimate goal is to provide parents and caregivers with relevant and effective high quality tools to increase the confidence necessary to nurture, teach, and model healthy physical, mental, and social behaviors in our nation’s most precious commodity—children.

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